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20 April 2010 @ 05:52 pm

Final Fantasy XIII = Heaven

It's been a very long time since I posted sorry! (Epic Laptop Problems)

So, I Am Officially Nearer To Completing Final Fantasy XIII!

I Have To Say I Love The Scene In Disc 2 With Lightning & Fang:

*SLAP* (It was a Back Hand as well! Owch.)

___Blah blah talking____

Fang: That's A Load Off. Glad I Apologised! *Stretches*

Light: You Apologised...So You'd Feel Better?

Fang: Guess so.
           How About You?
           Feel Any Better Now That You Hit Me?

Light: Uh*Sigh* It Didn't Change Anything.

Fang: Aherh...*rubs Jaw* Tell That To My Jaw.

<3 Haha I love them. They have so much chemistry. I think Fang & Vanille Are More Cutesy Sisterlike Than Lovers, It Just Isn't Serious Enough, And With Light & Fang You Have Fang's Eccentric Fun-Loving Parts, And Light's Serious, Soft But Tough Parts!

Perfect Match!

When I Finish A Video, I'll Post The Link. And I Might Even Make Videos Strictly Of Light & Fang Scenes If I Get Time. In My Next Post I Have Some Screenshots Of Light & Fang (Seperate) From My Telly!! xxxx


Talk To Me :D

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22 March 2010 @ 07:20 pm
Final Fantasy XIII = Heaven

Hey :)

I've Made My First Background/Wallpaper of Light & Fang. Lemme know what everyone thinks of it ^_^ It didn't take me too long so it isn't perfect I just wanted to get something posted to the Community Journal other than me rambling!!

Enjoy :D

Talk to me!! :D

Click To See The Picture ^-^Collapse )
22 March 2010 @ 04:13 pm


Few Things:

1. Hopefully Will Have Some FanFics Started In The Next Couple Of Weeks & Will Post Them. :)

2. As Soon As I've Finished Final Fantasy XIII (Not Far Now :D) I Will Start Making Videos For Light & Fang.

3. If Anybody Has A Way To Sort Out A Fang/Lightning Related Background For The Community Journal Please Let Me Know.

Keep Updating :) Post Things ^_^

Talk To Me :D


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21 March 2010 @ 01:48 pm

Hey Everyone.


Disc 3 Is Being Mentioned Below In Case Someone Hasn't Got There Yet And Hates Finding Things Out (Like Me)

I'm Currently On Disc 3 Of Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox360 Version).
I'm Just About To Fight Fang's Eidolon Bahamut. He is a NIGHTMARE!
You Don't Get To Chose Your Party - You're Given Lightning, Fang(Obviously), and Vanille.
So Yay for Girl Power. Problem Is, I Really Could Do With One Of My Synergists(Epic spelling failure there probably!).
And I'm Being Plain Lazy And Can't Be Bothered To Go Train To Teach One Of The Girls How To Use Those Abilities.

Hm...Maybe I Should Go Train...Anyway, Bahamut Looks Awesome!
And Fang Is My Favourite Character Aside From Lighting Of Course.
I Love Final Fantasy - The Series Are So Amazing. 

So Which Series Is Everyone's Favourite?

I Have To Say I Think XIII Has To Be Mine At The Moment.
But Crisis Core Comes Pretty Close!

I Have:

Final Fantasy VII - PS1
(In Progress)
Final Fantasy VIII - PS1
Final Fantasy IX - PS1
(Not Started)
Final Fantasy X - PS2
(Completed - Many Times!)
Final Fantasy X-2 - PS2
Final Fantasy XII - PS2
Final Fantasy XIII - Xbox360
(In Progress & In Love With)
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - PSP
(Completed With Many Tears)
Final Fantasy VII: DIRGE of CERBERUS - PS2
(Not Started Properly)
Final Fantasy: Dissidia - PSP
(In Progress - Completed Some Aspects Not All Ofc)

Talk To Me!! :D


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21 March 2010 @ 12:34 pm


Hey Everybody!

Note: I'm Still Really New To LJ, So Please Don't Get Angry At Me I'm Still Learning How To Work Everything And Help Is Always Appreciated!

Okay. Well, I Searched For A Community Dedicated To Lightning Farron & Oerba Yun Fang from the Fantastic Game Final Fantasy XIII And Nothing Came Up.
I Love This Couple So Much I Thought Why Not Make One Myself! 
So Here It Is. :) All Shiny & New...& Empty.

Here's What I Hope To See From Everyone Who Wants To Join:

1. Fanfics
2. Video Links (:D)
3. Avatars/Icons
4. Backgrounds
5. Fan Art Links?
6. Anything Else You Can Think Of! ^_^

Everybody Is Welcome To Join Except...HATERS! No Haters! 
Yes This Is Two Women As A Couple, Okay?

Enjoy ^^
And If Anyone Has Any Questions Please Just Ask :D 
And Let's Try To Figure Out How To Make A Nicer Background For The Journal...

xxxxx Jessi

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