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20 April 2010 @ 05:52 pm
Long Time  

Final Fantasy XIII = Heaven

It's been a very long time since I posted sorry! (Epic Laptop Problems)

So, I Am Officially Nearer To Completing Final Fantasy XIII!

I Have To Say I Love The Scene In Disc 2 With Lightning & Fang:

*SLAP* (It was a Back Hand as well! Owch.)

___Blah blah talking____

Fang: That's A Load Off. Glad I Apologised! *Stretches*

Light: You Apologised...So You'd Feel Better?

Fang: Guess so.
           How About You?
           Feel Any Better Now That You Hit Me?

Light: Uh*Sigh* It Didn't Change Anything.

Fang: Aherh...*rubs Jaw* Tell That To My Jaw.

<3 Haha I love them. They have so much chemistry. I think Fang & Vanille Are More Cutesy Sisterlike Than Lovers, It Just Isn't Serious Enough, And With Light & Fang You Have Fang's Eccentric Fun-Loving Parts, And Light's Serious, Soft But Tough Parts!

Perfect Match!

When I Finish A Video, I'll Post The Link. And I Might Even Make Videos Strictly Of Light & Fang Scenes If I Get Time. In My Next Post I Have Some Screenshots Of Light & Fang (Seperate) From My Telly!! xxxx


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